How to tell if it's a quality Pork Pie

The true Pork Pie is a fine product that is easily and instantly different from other pork pies. Not just in its visual appearance but also in the reputation it carries. Our Pork pies are rich in history and the Mays Artisan pies name is recognised by our customers all around the UK as a sign of quality and long held traditions.

Each of our pies are raised individually by hand, a skill long forgotten by many other pie producers. Our Traditional Pork pies are baked free standing, a true sign of quality pastry. The Pork meat we use is fresh pork which is from mature pigs and aged naturally giving each pie a greater depth of flavour. We make sure that each pie is perfect and pride ourselves on ensuring no additives or preservatives are used in our traditional pork pies, just a little pinch of salt and pepper to bring out the natural flavour.

Don’t settle for mass produced machine made pies - treat your taste buds to one of our Mays Artisan Pork Pies.

Lindsey Rollings