The History of Reg May's Artisan Pies


In 1952, Reg was in the National Service and was Head of Butchery. Upon leaving the service he went to work at Burton’s Butchers in Bridgnorth,Shropshire,  who produced a variety of home made products.  This inspired Reg and gave him the experience and knowledge to start his own butchery and pie business in 1967, based in Ditton Priors, Shropshire. 

To this day all the pies are handmade on the original premises. The business has now been passed down to Nick May, Reg's son, who is carrying on the family tradition.

Nick has developed the family business with great success; as he says himself..

“We couldn't be prouder of being in one of the most beautiful spots in the UK. We are nestled in the Shropshire Hills, very close to the historic market towns of Ludlow and Bridgnorth ,making the finest pork pies in our original butchers shop in Ditton Priors. No two of our products look the same; we use matured, quality pigs as this gives the pies their great taste. In addition we make a range of cold meat pies using other quality ingredients such as chicken and game.  We also make special seasonal pies.  Our hot water shorcrust pastry has no artificial preservatives so you can eat it with peace of mind, knowing you are enjoying the finest quality product.  We are proud to make delicious and truly artisan pies. Each of our hand-made pies is individually crafted with love and care.”


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